Don Juan Coffee & Chocolate Tour

Monteverde is a good place to learn about the entire processes to create a great cup of coffee using authentic techniques that date back a few generations. 

Chocolate is another of the traditional crops grown in Costa Rica, and while at Don Juan’s farm you will get an insight into the traditional methods that our ancestors used to roast the seeds, separate the husks and finally grind the beans. Participate in the chocolate making process and have the opportunity to taste the fruit of the cacao pod and observe how the small cocoa beans are carefully converted into a rich tasting chocolate drink. After learning about growing and processing coffee and chocolate, you will have plenty of opportunities to sample the end result.

Don Juan Tours Monteverde, Costa Rica

Duration: 2 hours

Available Times: 8 am/10 am/1 pm/ 3pm

Shared Adult Rate $35
Shared Child Rate $15
Private Adult Rate $85
Private Child Rate $55

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Don Juan Coffee & Chocolate Tour