Monteverde Butterfly Garden Tour

The tour begins in the nature center, for an overview of spiders and insects. This includes up close and personal (but safe) experiences with scorpions, spiders, and all kinds of insects. The Butterfly Garden mission is create an appreciation for the great biodiversity of the Monteverde region. After the nature center the tour continues into 4 butterfly gardens. Each of the 4 gardens represents a different local habitat including the hot lowlands, mid-elevation forest edge, deep forest and cloud forest. Your guide will teach you about butterfly natural history while helping you locate and observe as many butterflies as possible. The tour finishes at a special exhibit on Leaf Cutter Ants, one of Costa Rica`s most outstanding insects. You may find and watch them working away in the forest on a cloud forest hike. The Butterfly Garden provides a way to see them working underground. After the tour you can go back into the gardens for more pictures, check out the medicinal plant garden, or bird watch from the balcony.

Monteverde Butterfly Garden, Monteverde, Costa Rica

Durations: Tours are available on demand from 8:30:00 AM
to 3:30 PM

Shared Adult Rate $15
Shared Child Rate $5

Capacity Chart

Monteverde Butterfly Garden Tour