Monteverde Lodge

Protocols and Safety Measures – Covid 19

The safety and security of our guests is our highest priority. We are working to ensure and provide the latest guidance and protocols on hygiene and cleaning, proactively ensuring proper sanitation throughout the property and in all operating activities. Our commitment is to offer our clients a safe place to visit and a luxury hospitality experience. We are also adapting our sustainable practices to comply with all necessary protocols according to our local health authorities.

These are our specific and rigorous steps to assure the best possible experience and mitigate risks:

Our Guests:

  1. Contactless greetings, to practice physical distancing.
  2. We minimize physical high-touch areas and take extreme precautions when exchanging items between guests and staff (check-in, room key, payment, amenities, etc.)
  3. We have installed disinfection stations with gel alcohol in public areas, as well as sinks and soap in strategic areas.

Our staff

  1. All staff will receive ongoing briefings and enhanced operating health protocols.
  2. Their safety, health and knowledge are essential to implement effective cleaning measures. These measures include hand hygiene with proper and frequent handwashing, wearing face masks, etc.
  3. All staff and guests must maintain a distance of 6 feet (1.8 meters). When not possible, protective equipment will be required.
  4. We will keep constant monitoring of the overall health cleaning teams.
  5. We have released an internal protocol regulating the use of face masks, and a disinfection process for all staff member entering work premises. We will be monitoring carefully any symptoms related to COVID-19 on a daily basis. If there is the slightest suspicion of the virus, he/she will be sent to testing immediately and the health protocol will be placed in effect.
  6. All staff are required to respond and report to health officials, when in doubt of the presence of symptoms of COVID-19, including guests and any other third party.

Public areas:

  1. Use of cleaning products and specific protocols to clean and disinfect public areas is focused on high-touch and high-traffic areas, such as counters and front desk, door handles, public bathrooms and room keys, among others.
  2. The whole area and all the facilities of the swimming pool (showers, towels, etc.) will be disinfected and cleaned several times during use. The use will be limited to small groups, keeping the social distancing at all times.

Guest Rooms:

  1. Implementation of strict cleaning and disinfecting protocols to clean rooms before guests arrive and after guests depart.
  2. All room amenities are deep cleaned for safety guest usage (bathrooms,)
  3. We assure our guests that after cleaning and disinfection of rooms, nobody will enter or use the room.

Work areas:

  1. In the spaces were our staff work, we have increased the frequency of cleaning of all high-touch areas like laundry rooms, locker rooms, staff offices, etc.
  2. We have updated our laundry protocols to comply with CDC guidelines using recommended detergents and high temperature.
  3. All staff members have access to hand washing and hand sanitizing, disinfecting products and protective equipment before they perform their tasks at the Lodge.
  4. Superior cleaning products with a greater concentration of bacteria-killing ingredients and remove viruses, are used throughout the facilities, according to the CDC guidelines.
  1. All vehicles will be disinfected between rides.
  2. All vehicles will have alcohol gel for our guests.
  1. All meals will be served a la carte focusing on freshness.
  2. Safe food handling.
  3. Culinary staff is being retrained in food preparation, and hygiene protocols are being reinforced.
  4. The restaurant will be spacing out tables to practice physical distancing.
  5. QR Menus will be available
  6. Tables and chairs will be sanitized after each seating.

Activities and other services

  1. For small group activities, safe distancing will be implemented between guests and staff.
  2. All equipment will be disinfected after each use.
  3. Third party suppliers, Tour Operators and other service providers must comply with Monteverde Lodge hygiene standards.
  4. Disinfecting of high-touch surfaces, wearing a face masks and other measures will be implemented for any additional service required.
  5. At the spa, all instruments, towels and linen will be sanitized and disinfected after each use.

These health and safety measures will be reviewed and updated regularly to ensure our guest the best possible experience.

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