How to get There?

Direction On How To Get To Our Lodge

Monteverde Lodge & Gardens is located in the Tilarán Mountain Range, about 15 minutes from the entrance to the Monteverde Cloud Forest and a ten-minute walk from the restaurants, bars and attractions of downtown Santa Elena.  


Complete Package

By far the easiest method for getting to Monteverde is to buy a complete package that includes round trip transportation, lodging, excursions and meals. If you’re interested in booking a complete package, please visit our Packages page.  


 Shared Transportation is only available from San Jose and Arenal. 

When traveling to/from San Jose, we offer vans that can accommodate from six to 16 guests. Your driver will be Spanish-speaking as well. The advantage to shared transportation is that it costs less. However, the disadvantage is that you have to adjust your schedule to go at set times and sit through the pick-up and drop off process at other guests’ hotels. 

When traveling to/from Arenal, we offer land transfers to/from Monteverde Lodge and to/from Lake Arenal as well as boat transportation across the lake with transportation to/from your Arenal hotel. 

Private transportation to/from any destination in Costa Rica or Nicaragua is also available. Your transportation is by mini-van with a Spanish-speaking driver. This form of transportation is more expensive because you don’t share the costs with anyone else. The advantages are that it can be scheduled at the time of your choosing and you don’t have to sit through the process of picking up and dropping off other guests at their hotels. 

Bilingual guides services are available for all transfers at an additional cost. 

Driving Directions

If you're not renting a car through us and plan to bring a Garmin GPS, we recommend purchasing the navigation software through the button below (a ten-day version is $49). EzFind uses up-to-date points of interest to navigate Costa Rica because the street addresses you're probably accustomed to simply aren't used here. Keep in mind that it takes 36 hours after making the purchase to receive the EzFind software, which only works with Garmin GPS devices. 



From San Jose to Monteverde 

From Monteverde to San Jose

From Liberia to Monteverde 

From Monteverde to Liberia 

From Arenal to Monteverde 

From Monteverde to Arenal 


Help Planning Your Vacation  

To get the most out of your Costa Rica adventure, please consult with our travel advisors.