Enjoy The Activities And Things To Do In Our Hotel

Tucked high into the cloud forest of Monteverde, Monteverde Lodge & Gardens offers instant access to an exhilarating range of eco adventures and things to do. From nature tours, garden excursions and hikes led by experienced guides to horseback riding, zip line adventures and more, an unforgettable experience awaits.  

Many local activities and things to do are offered through Monteverde Lodge & Gardens. All can be booked with our receptionist upon arrival, provided they’re available. If you reserved your stay through our website or with a travel planner, you should already be in touch with someone who can set up your tour. 

Also, if you’ve reserved through an online travel agency like Bookings or Expedia, email us at with your full name, the dates of your stay and the activity that interests you. 

Meet Your Naturalist Guides

Born and raised in Monteverde, the lodge guides are part of Monteverde's history. They’re descendants of the original Costa Rican settlers of this mountain range and spend each day exploring the forests of the region. Best of all, they’ll ensure that you see the "hidden Monteverde." That’s because these exceptional guides all live here, study the region and know it very well. So you can be sure they’re totally dedicated to your experience of a lifetime. 

Watch the clouds rolling over the Continental Divide and learn about the dwarf forests that you’ll see in this area. Then observe a new bird in the spotting scope. You’ll get an amazing look at its eye ring and chest feathers. Stand back and listen carefully as your guide calls this beautiful bird out of the forest, imitating his call. The nicest part of this experience is when you witness your feathered friend perch on a branch, singing that special melody. 

Carlos and Donald know which birds and animals can be seen at each of the reserves. On a daily basis, they’ll recommend the best places to explore for daytime and nighttime hikes in the Cloud Forests of Monteverde. 

Your time in Monteverde will not be complete without a guided experience. Private and shared (no more than nine guests) tours are available. 

Ródiber Martínez

Rodiber, the second of seven siblings in a family of farmers, was born in 1987 and along the cattle ranch area of ​​Guanacaste. When Rodiber was eight years old, his family moved to the region of Sarapiquí in the province of Heredia. This area of ​​lush tropical forests with abundant wildlife is where young Rodiber developed his fascination and interest in nature and its biodiversity. 

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Carlos Vazquez

Carlos was born in the city of Quepos on the central Pacific coast of Costa Rica. His love for the outdoors came from his parents. Some of his earliest childhood memories involve looking for crabs and shrimp in the Mangrove forests of Quepos. He also fondly remembers how his mother prepared delicious soups. 

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Donald Loria

For Donald, being a naturalist guide offered the perfect career as a student. He focuses his studies alternatively on biology and English, dedicating time to both subjects. Currently, he’s been a guide for seven years and came to Monteverde Lodge at the beginning of 2015. Given what our guests are saying about his knowledge and infectious enthusiasm when out walking the cloud forest, we're pleased to have Donald on our team. 

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Private Reserve Night Tour

As the sun sets, the Cloud Forest comes alive. Tune into the impressive chorus of our nocturnal wildlife with a Forest Night Walk.

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Don Juan Coffee & Chocolate Tour

Don Juan Cruz was born to one of the first pioneering farming families that arrived to the Monteverde area. For the most part of his life he has been associated with coffee and for sharing his history and the culture of this land with frequent visitors to his small farm.

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"Horseback Riding In Monteverde Morning, Early Afternoon or Sunset"

The El Rodeo stable is among the best stables for horseback riding in Costa Rica. Their healthy horses are great looking and well taken care of; they are also quite well trained. You will be met in the lobby of Monteverde Lodge for the 10 minute drive to the stables.

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Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve Excursion

Enjoy a rich diversity of flora and fauna with relatively short distance and easy walking, this reserve is home to more than 100 species of mammals, 400 species of birds and 1,500 species of plants. From January to July, you have possibilities to observe the Resplendent Quetzal at the reserve.

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Curi-Chancha Reserve Excursion

Curi Cancha is a mix of fully recovered and recovering secondary forest. Several large open areas make good points to stop and look for birds. This reserve offers shorter hikes with easier access, and only allows 40 visitors at a time.

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Santa Elena Reserve Excursion

The lesser known Santa Elena Reserve is a cloud forest that should not be missed. Its higher elevation makes it cooler with more wind you often hike in the clouds, giving you a real sense of a Cloud Forest.

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Forest Adventure Park

Sky Adventures Monteverde is the adventure park of the cloud forest – a place with lots to do for a fun packed day.

A big attraction in Monteverde are zip line tours through the tree canopy. For your concern only Sky Trek has met with our safety requirements.

Another big attraction is walking with a naturalist guide across bridges strung through the upper levels of the forest canopy. This allows for a different perspective of the cloud forest than hiking, and increased opportunities for wildlife viewing.

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Monteverde Butterfly Garden Tour

The Monteverde Butterfly Garden experience is based on hands on education. Highly educated guides will help you learn about spiders and insects from all over the Monteverde region.

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Frog Pond

Visitors can admire more than 25 species of native frogs, toads and other amphibians living in large, naturally-simulated terrariums. A bilingual guide accompanies visitors during each tour and teaches them about the frogs’ history, habitat, and unique characteristics.

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This amphibian and reptile zoo is a perfect place to learn about the fauna of Costa Rica. The facilities are spacious and care has been taken in recreating the natural environment for animals. Here you can appreciate more than 40 species of snakes, reptiles, lizards, spiders, iguanas, amphibians and land-turtles.

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Orchid Garden

The Orchid Garden located in Santa Elena offers a rare opportunity to see orchid species that are normally found in the Cloud Forest canopy and almost impossible to see.

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Cabure Chocolate Experience

The intellectual’s chocolate tour, this provides an in-depth look at chocolate and its history. As you watch the chocolate making process, trace the history of the cacao bean from pre-Columbian times to Europe.

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El Trapiche: Coffee, Chocolate & Sugar Cane

El Trapiche is run by a local family who will show you the process that was used at the turn of the century to grow and process sugar.

The tour begins with a short trip around the farm where you can observe the different plantations within. Cross a small patch of forest where occasionally wildlife can be found. During the farm tour, see a small tilapia pond, banana plantations, plantains, “arracache root” (local produce), macadamia, oranges, sugar cane and coffee.

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