Monteverde Lodge

We are committed our environment

We are committed to being among the most eco-conscious hotels and tour providers in Costa Rica. From the very beginning, we’ve embraced innovative sustainability practices, not because they make us look better, but out of conviction. We’re proud of the different practices that our hotel have embraced, impacting the Costa Rica communities where we operate. But we also recognize that there’s a long journey ahead. So we’re willing and determined to continue protecting the natural, cultural and socioeconomic treasures of Costa Rica.

These are some of the sustainability practices we’ve put in place at Monteverde Lodge & Gardens:


Our team is mainly from the region. No one knows and loves this area more than the people who live here. This warmth is reflected by the genuine, personalized and friendly service they all provide.

We buy locally. Approximately 45% of the products used at our hotel come from local producers or shops.

We actively support our community, collaborating in as many ways as possible. This includes donating rooms and meals for local cultural and environmentally related activities such as the local music festival and the local health fair.


We employ a solar energy system for heating the water in all rooms and the swimming pool.

A high-tech system of filters and ultraviolet lights purifies water to be 100% drinkable. This system also helps us eliminate the use of bottled water.

We have a biological gray water treatment plant that eliminates 90% of the solids, reducing 80% of the biological oxygen demand and 80% of the chemical oxygen demand. It also removes levels of grease and oil by 84%.

We have been running a recycling program for over 30 years.

We use biodegradable and environmentally friendly soaps, detergents and cleaning products.


We are in the process of switching to totally environmentally friendly products in the gardens. Fertilizers are made of kelp algae. Insecticides are made of tobacco and soap. Plus, for fungi, we use Bordeaux Broth.

Also, Tortuga Lodge assists with local research programs. Lastly, bird tagging research is done every year in our reserve by Sea Turtle Conservation.

By our request, the Costa Rican Electric Company insulated the Lodge’s high-voltage cables to avoid the electrocution of wildlife.

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