Monteverde Lodge

Getting to Costa Rica’s cloud forests is now easy with Böëna’s Xplore Air Charter Service.

Enjoying Costa Rica’s cloud forests and Böëna’s award-winning Monteverde Lodge just got a lot easier with the debut of Böëna’s executive-configured Cessna Caravan aircraft, Xplore Air.

Guests can now fly directly to Aranjuez Airport from the San Jose International Airport (SJO) or Pavas International Airport is 30 minutes aproximately. From Aranjuez, the pristine Monteverde Cloud Forests of Costa Rica are only a one-hour drive through the scenic Tilarán Mountains.

Xplore Air Costa Rica

With a seating capacity for six passengers, the Cessna’s executive-style luxury design delivers comfort, confidence, and convenience. Its state-of-the-art configuration, Garmin 1000 technology, and two seasoned and professional pilots ensure passengers’ utmost safety and security, no matter what the weather.

With Xplore Air, visitors to Costa Rica can travel quickly and effortlessly between Böëna’s five luxury eco-lodges and any destinations with in-country airports. Xplore Air charter service operates out of both Costa Rica’s International Airports and all national airports. Book your private flight service with Böëna’s Xplore Air and take the tedious out of traveling in Costa Rica.

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