Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve Excursion

The trail system of the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve offers short, intermediate and long hikes that wind through varying forest. There is recovered secondary forest and primary, untouched forest. The lower part of the reserve is warmer, with drainages and a small waterfall. A longer hike leads up to the Continental Divide, through the dwarf forests that have adapted to the winds that continuously sweep the ridgeline. This reserve is the best place to observe the Resplendent Quetzal, which if you're lucky can be seen January through July.

Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, Monteverde, Costa Rica

Durations: 4 hours

Available Times: 7:00 am/11:45 am/1:30 pm

Shared Adult Rate $78
Shared Child Rate $45
Private Adult Rate $98
Private Child Rate $60

Capacity Chart

Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve Excursion