Santa Elena Reserve Excursion

The Santa Elena Reserve sits on the Caribbean Slope and has patches of secondary forest as well as extensive areas of primary forest. Depending on your interest the trail system offers short, intermediate and long hikes. From a botanical point of view, Santa Elena offers remarkable opportunities to observe a dense plant life and learn about the interactions taking place in this complex ecosystem.

This is the best place to search for the Three-Wattled Bell bird and their hummingbird gallery is busy with five different species of hummingbirds and its trails are busy with mixed flocks of birds

Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve, Monteverde, Costa Rica

Duartions: 4 hours

Available Times: 7 am/11:45 am

Shared Adult Rate $68
Shared Child Rate $40
Private Adult Rate $94
Private Child Rate $55

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Santa Elena Reserve Excursion